Meet Latvia's Junior Hockey Team

Meet Latvia's Junior Hockey Team at the Latvian Centre in Toronto on Saturday December 31st from 2:30 - 4:30pm!!!!

Latvia's Juniors are at this year's top tier World Junior Hockey Championships. They will play in Toronto in the group of death against the United States, Russia and Canada before a critical game against Slovakia. The bottom team in the group will play their counterpart in Montreal to see who stays up and who gets relegated.

The team has a busy schedule but they have managed to carve out a meet and greet at the Latvian Centre a day after their fourth and final game in the preliminary round. A great way to close off 2016, say thanks to the guys, wish them the best in the next round ... and you still have lots of time to get to that New Year's Eve party. The team includes a Maple Leafs and a Sharks draft pick and a couple of others invited to NHL development camps as well as juniors who play in Canada, the United States and Europe.