LRDF – „Latvia Relief and Development Fund”


The LRDF was founded in December 1990 and incorporated as a registered Canadian charity.

The Fund provides all Canadians the opportunity of contributing money to support numerous projects in Latvia. The LRDF is run by a Board elected at an annual general meeting. The current President is Dr. Jānis Lūsis.


The LRDF and its agents;

1) carry out programs to relieve poverty in Latvia and provide humanitarian aid.

2) carry out programs to support the elderly and handicapped.

3) carry out educational programs, especially for young people.


Since 1990, the LRDF has funded fifteen projects.  In the last six years the LRDF has supported projects in Latvia with close to $800,000 (Can).  Of these fifteen projects, four are still active and in need of support:


1) ”Pasaka” summer camp for orphans
2) University scholarships through “Vītola Fonds”

3) Museum of Occupation

4) Aid for victims in the recent “Zolitūde” tragedy – with the Latvian National Federation in Canada 

(this fund until February, 2014)


These projects need your support!


Cheques can be made out to “Latvia Relief and Development Fund”. If you are contributing to a specific project, include the name in the "note" portion of your cheque. Individual donors will receive a receipt for income tax purposes.


Address: “LRDF”,  4 Credit Union Drive, Ontario, M4A 2N8. Canada