Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre

Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre



Executive Officers

President                   UPESLACIS, Alberts                         h. 416-441-9711
4 Terrington Crt.                           
Toronto, ON, M3B 2K1           

1st Vice President/       NIEDRA, Sandra                              h. 416-767-5678
268 Pacific Ave.                            
Toronto, ON,  M6P 2P9          

2nd Vice President        HAUSMANIS, Imants                        h. 705-429-5654
448 Oxbow Park Drive                     
Wasaga Beach, ON, L9Z 2T8  

Treasurer, CFO           STARASTS, Andris                          h. 416-910-6307
104 Ferrier Ave                    
Toronto ON, M4K 3H4

Secretary                  AMOLINS, Uldis                              h. 905-649-8427
2435 Sandtrap Crt.                           
Pickering, ON.  L1Y 1G3        


President,                  RUGELIS, Rasma                             h. 416-225-1472

Ladies Comm.             20 Fashion Roseway              
Toronto, ON, M2N 6B5

Ladies Comm. Rep       SULCS, Inta                                  h. 416-222-4374
174 Connaught Ave,             
Willowdale, ON,  M2M 1H4

Social Committee        Deferred

Building Committee      VINTERS, Aivars                             c. 647-882-0439
42 Montressor Dr.                 
Toronto, ON, M2P 1Z1

Operations                 SALNAJS, Laimonis                          h. 416-265-1823
27 Southampton Dr.                        cott 705-766-2629
Scarborough, ON  M1K 4V6     

Membership and          NIEDRA, Aleks                                h. 416-767-5678

Information                268 Pacific Ave.                            
Toronto, ON,  M6P 2P9          

Letts Shop                 ZONDO, Lionel                                h. 416.231.4842
31 Dalegrove Crescent,                  
Etobicoke, ON, M9B 6A5